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HUGE AHA sale! Up to 83% off!! [Dec. 12th, 2007|03:24 pm]
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Here's the AtHome America December sale list!! Over 100 items at up to 83% off retail price!!!
There is a thumbnail picture of each item.  If you need more information or dimensions/materials for any of the products, let me know. 
* If you are not local you can go to my website http://www.athomewithrebecca.com and place your order there and it will ship to you directly.
* if you are local, please contact me to place the order for you, so I can combine all the local orders into one homeshow, which will save you money on shipping.
* Please remember that all sales are final, no exchanges or refunds.
* Also, please note that sale items will not ship until after Christmas.  These items are such great deals that hopefully you won't mind waiting a few weeks for them!
* As far as payment goes, please call and give me a credit or debit card number over the phone (not via email, it's not secure).  If you wish to pay by check, I'll let you know your total once I know whether all your items were available.
* Circulate the list among your friends and family.  If you refresh it frequently, sold out items will be marked accordingly.  Anyone who collects a minimum of $150 in sale or catalog orders from people other than themselves qualifies to be the hostess of ther own bookshow.  You will then get 10% of the sales as credit, one half-price item, and the $5 hostess shipping rate.  Please note that hostess credit can only be used towards regular catalog items, not sale items. 
In addition, my cash & carry list has been updated to reflect the items that are still available.  Most of these are new in their original boxes and would make great gifts.  If you're still looking for that elusive present or Yankee swap gift, take a look! I can deliver locally.  http://www.athomewithrebecca.com/athome/cashandcarry/
I look forward to helping you get some great bargains!

[User Picture]From: bethany1977
2007-12-12 11:04 pm (UTC)
what fabric is the threads, cabernet table runner?
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[User Picture]From: wwpostergirl
2007-12-13 12:00 am (UTC)
It's 100% woven cotton, can be machine washed, and measures 36" L x 13" W.
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