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Two craft fairs = too much!! [May. 21st, 2006|07:02 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

For one weekend anyway - I am wiped!!  They each had their highs and lows. Saturday's fair in Sudbury was at least cheap.  But it was my first experience with an outdoor fair and it was very frustrating.  It didn't rain, thank goodness, but it was very windy and things kept blowing off my display.  A couple of things got dented or chipped when they blew over, and it was very distracting when I was trying to talk to people. :(  Turnout was low and I didn't get any leads or bookings, but I did get one largish order. 

Today's fair in Milford was indoor, very profesional layout, well advertized, and great camaraderie with the other sellers.  But it suffered from being the first sunny Sunday for a while and attendance was much lower than expected.  No sales but a couple of strong leads for future bookings or orders.  I did book one show as a fundraiser for the lady who had the booth next-but-one from me.  She is doing the Avon breast cancer 3-day walk and has to raise $2200 by August.  I said I would give her half my commission from the night and an extra $10 for every booking from her show.  Plus if she wants she can use her hostess benefits to purchase stuff she can raffle off to raise extra money.  I thoght it was a mutually beneficial arrangement.  So at least the day wasn't a total write-off. 

One guy had a booth making buttons for 50¢, so I made one.  It says, "Go ahead, make my day....book a party!" 

Now I'm looking forward to a quiet night in front of the TV with my feet up!